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It’s time to rethink & stay relevant


COVID-19 is pushing us to define and roll out new operating models, organizational dynamics and digital transformational paths, faster than originally conceived.  


Organizations should be prepared for business continuity and what’s beyond

Business Continuity

Managing crisis. Having the correct infrastructure and security to access tools remotely, at the required scale, are the first milestones to make business continuity viable. For technology executives we have prepared an online self-assessment tool to help evaluate your preparedness for enabling remote work.

Revamping your business

How technology is the vehicle to drive your business forward. We are facing a “new normal” way to live, to connect, to experience and also to do business. It is critical to rethink and begin a transformation in terms of business models, operations, infrastructure and even customer relationships.

Business Growth

Cultural Hacking: Organizations must be flexible and adapt to change. Moving forward into the new normal requires a transformation that goes beyond technology. It will mean adapting your culture to a world where your employees will likely be working remotely. Look to digital cultural tools to move to this “new normal”.


This content will be regularly updated following the evolving situation and implications for people and organizations.

Ultimate Business

The Ultimate
Business Survival Kit for Coronavirus.

A guide to help you stop, and review infrastructure, processes and communications during the crisis.

Take a self assessment to see your preparedness


How can brands stay relevant to what customers want in the new normal?

Brands will need to understand how consumers are changing their behaviors in order to adapt effectively. Those that are able to do so, will be the ones that achieve a lasting and positive impact on their consumers. 


Let's build
‘The new normal’
for retail together

COVID-19 will have a significant impact on the retail business industry, not only during the crisis but once we get through it as well, with the retail industry emerging in a very different world: a new normal.


How to find your pathway through
“the new normal”

If you have a business or if you are part of a company, you’re dealing with new ways of working, closing deals, and hiring. This includes how to manage new regulations, new rules, new everything! We are facing a “new normal” way to live, to connect, to experience and also to do business

Augmented Globant

True Augmented Collaboration Can
Prepare Your Company For The Unknown

How effective use of Artificial Intelligence can prepare
your teams to be efficient under any circumstance.

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